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The Recyclarr program utilizes YAML for its configuration files. The configuration can be set up multiple ways, offering a lot of flexibility:

  • You may use one or more YAML files simultaneously, allowing you to divide your configuration properties up in such a way that you can control what gets updated based on which files you specify.

  • Each YAML file may have one or more service configurations. This means you can have one file define settings for Sonarr, Radarr, or both services. The program will only read the configuration from the file relevant for the specific service command you specified (e.g. recyclarr sync sonarr will only read the Sonarr config in the file, even if Radarr config is present).

  • Use a secrets.yml file to keep sensitive values out of your configuration files. This prevents accidentally sharing api_keys and other sensitive values when sharing configurations.

For various examples, see the Configuration Examples page.


If you do not specify the --config argument, the program will look for default configuration files according to the rules documented on the file structure page.


Each main section of this reference page has a small table at the top which gives you a glance at the feature's compatibility with every service supported by Recyclarr. The icons in that table are documented below.

Full Compatibility
Partial Compatibility
No Compatibility

Schema Validation

Visit the Schema Validation page for detailed instructions.

Add this comment to the top of your YAML file:

# yaml-language-server: $schema=

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